So this is more of a, what do  you call it... LOOK WHAT WE DID  kinda blog post! (:  We really loved these little wrapped up gifts!

Unity contacted us to help deliver a eco friendly gift to hand out to their guest at their event this weekend, after a little back and forward we decided to settle for some great Lush products that as we all know will go down a treat!

The theme was UK as this is where their event is to be held and eco friendly / zero waste! Which is great as this is our go to for promotional products and corporate gifting! So Unity opted for the Naked range of products from lush.. we also wanted to make these practical to hand out and of course tie in with their Uk theme, the lush products selected were to be placed into some snazzy branded Muslin Cloths which work perfectly to allow these to be gift wrapped and then re-purposed. The cloths are made form 100% Organic Cotton and we took the design and positioned the artwork to allow a full union Jack to wrap around the products... these were then neatly finished with a recycled craft tag and some hemp string all of which are 100% compostable! 

We see an evolution of the corporate gift on the horizon and love to get creative and muck in to deliver jobs that are simply a pleasure to deal with. It help's keep things exciting!

We're now on the hunt to see what we can come up with next, get in touch if you would like to explore creative, eco friendly ways of handing out your promotional products and corporate gifts :)