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Brand: Bullet
Zeta 2-piece bike light in case 2-piece bike light set containing red and white LED lights with strap to attach Comes in plastic case Batteries included PP Plastic (Padprint)..
Brand: Bullet
Wyre professional pen torch Professional, single white, handheld LED light with push power switch on the clip Batteries included ABS Plastic (Padprint)..
Brand: STAC
Worker COB torch light with magnet 3W LED flashlight with 3 light modes: 100%, 50% and flashing mode When extended a 3W COB work light is uncovered The magnetic base is an ideal solution for hands-free working Batteries included and inserted Packed in a STAC gift box ABS Plastic (Padprint)..
Brand: Elevate
Weyburn 3W cree LED torch light Dual use torch/lantern has super bright 3W CREE LED with light 4 light modes and zoom function The lantern can be used either standing or hanging using the exclusively designed double carabiner Includes removeable metal spring with front and back positioning Manual in..
Special design 2 in 1 LED torch that can be used as a flashlight but also as a mood light to light up your direct space. With aluminium body and PS middle section. Perfect for outdoor activities or even at home when reading a book. Including batteries for direct use...
Brand: Bullet
Vela 6-LED torch with glow strap 6 white LED torch with matching colour glow-in-the-dark silicone strap and on/off power button at the back Batteries included Aluminium (Padprint)..
Brand: STAC
Trug 8-LED torch light 8 LED torch with aluminum body with it's head in the shape of a bolt Push-button on/off at the bottom Nylon wrist strap for easy carrying Packed in a STAC gift box Batteries included and inserted Exclusive design Aluminium (Padprint)..
The perfect tool for any need, this double magnetic LED work light is great for attaching to any metal surface for optimal lightning. This aluminium flashlight allows you to extend from its normal size of 17cm to 58cm allowing you to pick up items that are stuck in hard to see and reach places with..
Brand: Bullet
Stix pocket COB light with clip and magnet base A handy aluminium COB torch with a magnet base and pocket clip Works on 5x LR44 batteries and produces 42 lumen Large logo decoration area available both for pad print and laser engraving Aluminium (Padprint)..
Brand: STAC
Spidey 8-in-1 screwdriver with torch Perfect to keep this tool around the house, it has 1 LED light, 3 Phillips heads, 3 flat heads, and a small eye glass tool with screw on cap Press the button once for the flashlight, and again for the LED to illuminate the tools Packed in a STAC gift box Batterie..
Brand: STAC
Shine-on 9-LED torch light Use this compact torch to promote a safety program Includes 9 super bright LED lights (approximately 30 lumens) Push-button power switch on bottom Provides up to 16 hours of continuous light on one set of batteries Nylon strap for easy carrying Packed in a STAC gift box Ba..
Brand: STAC
Scope COB torch light and pick-up tool Flashlight with telescopic pick-up tool and COB sidelight Incl magnet with metal ring for hands-free illumination COB sidelight has 3 light modes: white light, red light and red flashing mode Pick-up tool extends up to 40 cm and features a magnetic head to find..
Long lasting rechargable flashlight that can be re-charged time after time so no need to replace batteries making this torch a sustainable choice. This aluminium 3W flashlight produces 130 lumen and a beam up to 200 metres. Includes 3 light modes: bright, low beam and flashing. With its IPX 4 ratin..
Brand: Bullet
Pulse 50-LED sound activated string lights Creates a light show that is perfectly synced with music played, operated in four modes: Steady On, Slow Pulse, Blinking, and Light Show It uses a built-in microphone to time the lights to respond to the music played Easy-to-use with no connections required..
1W aluminium torch with 6 LED. With smart designed hook to attach the light to, for example, a bag or other item to make you more visible. Includes batteries for direct use...
Brand: Marksman
Polaris 3W LED torch light with belt clip 3 watt LED white light aluminium torch with frosted lens and push button activation Belt clip and strap added Packed in a Marksman gift box 3-piece AAA Panasonic penlite batteries included and inserted Exclusive Design Aluminium (Laser engraving)..
Brand: Bullet
Omega 6-LED torch light and bottle opener 6 white LED torch with twist off bottle opener and carabiner Batteries included Aluminium (Padprint)..
Brand: Bullet
Mira LED keychain light with carabiner Carabiner with single bright LED light and twist on/off power switch Ideal for attaching to a bag Not to be used for climbing Batteries included Aluminium (Padprint)..
Brand: STAC
Mini-grip LED magnetic torch light At just the right size, this spray rubber mini flashlight is slim and bright with 3 modes The first mode a 4 LED flashlight, the second mode a 6 LED flashlight and the third mode is both on at once Magnetic back for easy storage or for hands free use when attached ..
Brand: Bullet
Mars LED mini torch light 9 white LED torch with push button on/off power switch and wrist strap Includes gift box with EVA inlayer and 3x AAA batteries Aluminium (Padprint)..
Brand: STAC
Magnetica pick-up tool torch light Tool with magnetic telescopic antenna including light to find small metal objects/ parts in places that are hard to reach or dark 4 pieces LR44 batteries are included Packed in a STAC gift box Metal (Laser engraving)..
Brand: Bullet
Magnet LED torch light 3 bright white LED torch with 2 modes, standard and steady blinking On/off power switch on the front, 2 piece magnet on the back Batteries included PS Plastic (Padprint)..
Brand: Bullet
Lyra LED keychain light with carabiner White single LED key light with twist on/off power Batteries included Not intended for climbing Aluminium (Padprint)..
Brand: STAC
Lutz 28-LED magnetic torch light Slim and magnetic torch which has three modes The first mode is a 4 LED flashlight, the second mode is the 24 LED light, and the third mode is both on at once Magnetic back for easy storage or for placement against metal surfaces when in use Push button on/off Nylon ..
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