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Triangle shaped lantern made out of durable ABS material. The lantern has a collapsible hook that can be used to hang the item to any place and 2 magnets to attach it to magnetic surfaces. The light can be set in 3 modes: bright, dim and emergency. Including batteries...
Light up your desk, room or kitchen with this white LED push lamp. Place it anywhere you want and with one simple push the LED can be switched on or off. Including 3 AAA batteries...
Mini sized version of the iconic pull lamp with 1 LED that provides 10 lumens. Suitable to hang on a keychain or bag. Made out of ABS. Including batteries. Registered design®..
Ultra bright COB light with magnetic base element made out of ABS. The light has a motion sensor that will detect movement and light up when the movement is detected in a dark environment. The base can be attached to any smooth surface using the double-sided 3M tape on the bottom of the base. The li..
Outdoor camping light with 1W led light that provides up to 40 lumens. Made from ABS and transparent PP material. Suitable to place on a table or hang with the integrated hook. IPX 4 level waterproof. Including batteries...
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