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Mechanical Pencils

Brand: rOtring
Tikky mechanical pencil Light-weight mechanical pencil (05mm nib) with rubberised grip to create sketches, technical drawings and texts cleanly and precisely Hi-Polymer leads ensure high flexibility and durability while keeping the lead support tip clean Built-in eraser under the push-button cap Inc..
Brand: rOtring
Rapid Pro mechanical pencil Mechanical pencil (07mm nib) with full metal body and non-slip metal knurled grip equipped with a unique cushion point mechanism to improve control, comfort and reduce lead breakages Built-in eraser under the push-button cap Incl rOtring gift box Delivered with pencil ref..
Brand: Parker
Jotter mechanical pencil with built-in eraser Jotter stands as an authentic design icon of the last 60 years With covetable colours and a distinctive shape Jotter remains Parker's most popular pen, recognizable down to its signature click Incl Parker gift box Delivered with pencil refill (05mm nib) ..
Brand: Waterman
Hémisphère mechanical pencil A pure, simple, timeless line Hémisphère both highly practical and discreet slides, unnoticed, into a pocket, bag or diary A design that combines natural, seductive elegance with true magnetism Incl Waterman gift box Delivered with pencil refill Exclusive design Stainl..
Brand: Bullet
Mechanical pencil with plastic body and soft touch grip (Padprint)..
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