Going green is a positive mindset for any business, although it might seem to be the trend of the decade it is a trend with a huge amount of benefits for business owners. Implementing green processes creates a healthy environment for employees, reduces waste and highlights the role that businesses play in social change.

A change that has to happen and for good reason.

If your business is thinking about going green, there are a variety of reasons to take the plunge, today I am going to highlight 5 reasons to use eco promotional products in your marketing campaigns.

1. Lead the way for social change

Business have a huge impact on their clients, a small change from a high-street shop who happen to be the don's at making a cracking cup of coffee can mean a lot over the years, their regular customers should equip themselves with a reusable coffee cup to reduce waste. Showing the client how to do this is easy, offer them your branded coffee cups and include a small discount for bringing it back to be refilled. A very common but effective use of branded merch that your client will buy and at the same time this merch is acting as a promotional sign wherever your client goes that day with their coffee in hand.

Why not apply this logic to your business and see what change you could bring to your clients through your existing product range?

    2. Reduce Waste

     We are producing over 300 million tons of plastic every year, 50% of which is for single-use purposes – utilised for just a few moments, but on the planet for at least several hundred years. More than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year.

    Adding to this is far to easily done and it can be avoided in many different ways, everyday promotional pens, coasters, keyrings, lanyards and much more can be supplied using environmentally friendly alternatives, still the same great quality but at a much lower impact on the environment. ask us about our alternatives to your current promotional items, you'll be surprised at how far we have come.

    Before we move on we would like to share with you some amazing facts about plastic pollution, from single use plastic packaging to toothbrushes! Here is an interesting article that will demonstrate just what we can do about it - Facts About Plastic Pollution

    3. Show you care about the future

    Businesses flying the green flag tend to be passionate about their future goals and planning ahead is crucial not only to business for survival but that of our planet, if we plan to reduce waste and invest in better buying that will not only reduce cost but reduce waste at the same time this will help minimise the impact we have on the environment. Opting for a product made from recycled materials is great as these can be uses time and time again and eventually recycled and re-purposed again creating an endless loop for our already endless supply of plastic. Better yet focus on buying recycled product that are made here in the UK, we offer a wide range of items that are 100% reused plastic and 100% recyclable. This means the carbon footprint of ordering these products is pretty slick!

    4. Your audience is Environmentally-Conscious

    More than ever people are getting to grips with their choices and often as we all know, are very opinionated and passionate about how we should consume and use the everyday items in our life, and for good reason too!

    Now some promotional products carry stigma and like our planet, this industry is littered with cheap, non recycled and even more so non recyclable materials for businesses to buy in cheap and share with the masses. But this has been proven to be unreliable for ROI and dam right silly for the environment, needless to say its obvious that unwanted tat is high on my list of pet hates! Yet so many business fail to recognise the negative effect their tat is having on their brand. The Millennial's or shall we say the 'uber conscious'  are concerned for their future like any growing young person is when all they see is waste and oceans of plastic. Our younger generation are happier paying extra for sustainable products more than ever which is why getting your promotional merch to connect with this audience is key. 

    5. Durability

    A large portion of our eco range is extremely durable, we use recycled car tyres, coffee cups, cd cases and plastic to make new re-purposed products like coasters, pens, key-rings, ice scrapers, coffee cups, badges and much more. These products are made to last, we also offer a wide range of bamboo products that are great quality and carcinogenic free!