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Super thin and lightweight wireless headphone. Can easily be folded to store in the string pouch provided. Including state of the art finger touch control for volume and next/previous song...
Brand: Bullet
Wired earbuds and silicone phone wallet A soft protective silicone wallet with adhesive tape that can be easily attached to the back of a phone to hold 2-3 credit cards and/or ID cards It can also be used as a phone stand or as earbuds wrap Includes wired earbuds Silicone (Screenprint)..
The Vogue headphone is a trendy fabric over ear headphone. With trendy fabric on the outside and comfortable PU on the ear cushions and headband it is ideal for long time wear. The headphone can be folded so it is easy to take on your travels. The Vogue headphone uses wireless BT 4.0 for optimal con..
Brand: Bullet
Versa earbuds Use with any standard audio device Reusable round case stores earbuds 35mm audio jack and 120 cm earbud cable Joined bubble bag PP Plastic (Padprint)..
Wireless headphones with comfortable on-ear pads and headband. The pads can rotated to make them fit every user perfectly. The headphones can be folded so it’s easy to take them with you wherever you go. The included string pouch makes it a perfect travel companion. With a 250 mAh battery to ensure ..
Brand: Bullet
Switch earbuds with multi tips The Switch earbuds offers a great solution for newer phones without a 35 mm audio jack It features a multi tip which works with iOS devices and devices with Micro USB Insert the earbuds into the device and connect them via Bluetooth® It also features a 35 mm audio jack..
Brand: Swiss Peak
Wireless stereo headphone with high quality 3W speaker and 105DB sensitivity for a perfect sound experience. The 350 mAh battery allows you to listen to your music for up to 8 hours on one charge and recharging takes only 1.5 hours. Operating distance up to 10 metres. The headphone can be folded fla..
Brand: Swiss Peak
Take the next step in experiencing music with this lightweight active noise cancelling headphone. The headphone will eliminate all the surrounding environment sounds to make the music sound even more clear and powerful. The ABS headphone has an around-ear fit for optimal wearing comfort. The 400 mAh..
Listening to your music really becomes a pleasure with this wireless headphone. The soft cushions allow you to wear the headphone for a long time and the integrated control makes it easy to change your music or adjust the volume. The integrated microphone gives you the ability to use it for making c..
Foldable and lightweight headphone with audio 3.5mm jack that can be used on any mobile phone, computer or laptop. Made out of ABS plastic and packed in colour gift box...
Brand: Bullet
Snap earbuds with plastic carabiner clip case The Snap earbuds are supplied in a plastic case with carabiner clip at the top The earbuds wrap around the center area to keep them tangle-free Can be used with any standard device that features a 35 mm audio jack ABS Plastic (Screenprint)..
Brand: Bullet
Sargas lightweight earbuds Super lightweight stylish earbuds Can be used on smartphones, tablets and all music players with a 3,5 mm audio jack Includes a handy storage box Packed in individual polyback ABS Plastic, PVC Plastic (Padprint)..
Brand: Bullet
Sargas earbuds with microphone Deluxe earbud set includes a built-in cable microphone that allows you to go hands free with your media device Easily answer or end a call with single button on the microphone Set also provides three interchangeable soft rubber earbud covers Plastic case with cable sto..
Wireless running headphones with integrated LED light for optimal safety. These sport headphones have an optimal weight distribution for a perfect and comfortable workout experience. The integrated red LED light allows you to work out safely in a dark environment and makes sure you are visible to ot..
Brand: Bullet
Rebel earbuds Plastic triangular case with cable storage Use with any standard audio device with a 3,5 mm audio jack Joined bubble bag ABS Plastic (Padprint)..
Brand: Bullet
Rally foldable headphones Trendy foldable over-ear headphones with adjustable padded headband Can be used on smartphones, tablets and other music players equipped with a 35 mm audio jack White carton box included ABS Plastic (Padprint)..
Modern over ear headphone for optimal wearing comfort. With BT 4.2 for smooth connection. The 200 mAh battery allows for playing time up to 4 hours. Operating distance up to 10 metres. With PU earbuds and ABS outer material. With mic and pick-up function...
Brand: Avenue
Millennial aluminium Bluetooth® headphones Streaming music from your Bluetooth® enabled device (10 metres range) gives you the freedom of wireless music without compromise The built-in microphone and controls on the headphones allow you to answer calls and control your music without taking your smar..
Wireless headphones that can be customised with your logo on the ABS surface. The logo will light up when using the item, creating maximum exposure of your brand. The headphones use BT 4.2 for smooth connection up to 10 metres. The built-in 400 mAh battery allows you to play music for up to 4 hours ..
Modern design wireless headphone that uses BT 5.0 for super smooth connection and long lasting play time. Made from lightweight ABS with soft and comfortable PU headband. The over ear design of the earbuds allows a perfect sound experience. The built-in 200 mAh lithum battery allows a play time up t..
Unique 2-in-1 design combination of wireless headphone and wireless speaker. The headphones can be used as any regular headphones by connecting your mobile device to them to play your favourite tunes. The surprising element with this this set of headphones is that when you turn the earbuds around th..
On ear headphone that allows you to listen to all your favorite songs wherever you go. With comfortable headband and 1.5m audio cable...
Brand: Avenue
Glow TrueWireless earbuds with light-up power bank The Glow TrueWireless earbuds with light-up power bank is the future of Bluetooth® earbuds As you see, there is no wire connecting the earbuds, making them true wireless earbuds The carrying case also doubles as a power bank Once the case is charged..
The wireless headphone is made out of ABS with an extendable headband to fit all sizes. With comfortable PU ear pads. The 200 mAh battery allows you to listen to your favourite music for up to 4 hours on one single charge. The headphone uses BT 4.1 for connection and has an operating distance up to ..
Comfortable wireless headphone made out of ABS with rubber finish, packed in EVA pouch. The ability to fold the headphone makes it easy to carry them in your backpack or suitcase. Can also be used with included audio jack cable...
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