The Ultimate 


Experience for clients and staff!

...umm what is a Swag Box?

  • Swag Packs are made up of loads of awesome items such as sock, pens, power banks and hoodies.

  • Great for staff, new hires, clients and investors to boost brand recognition and express culture.

  • They can be used as gifts, rewards, welcome packs, mail outs and so on...

  • Top quality branded items packed into a custom box.

Who to give them to..

  • Our Swag Box service can be tailored perfectly for many different experiences, if you want to know how we can help your business do give us a shout, here are some tips to help out!

  • Reward your team!

    Building your employer brand is crucial to maintaining an attractive workplace, expressing company culture through your branding and enabling your staff to get involved so that they champion your brand will help massively. 

    Swag Box offers a fit for purpose way of doing this well, rewarding your staff for their achievements and helping them embrace the company's brand will empower your team to find passion within their work and help unify the team. 

    Branded welcome packs are great for new starters, first impressions go a long way for new staff and a carefully crafted on boarding pack will win over the hearts of the newbie and help them get settled in on that critical first day!

  • Client Swag Packs

    Utilising swag packs for your clients is a great way to win over lifetime customers, set yourself apart by investing in your clients and win over their love for your brand.

    A small gesture goes a long way when you add a welcome pack to your customers journey, new clients react positively to interaction with new supplier or service providers as they are keen to see what their money will get them in return. Showing that they are appreciated right off the bat will plant the seed needed to grow your relationship and set them at ease on their journey with your business. 

soooooOo what could go

into a swag pack?