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Jamie Oliver

Brand: Jamie Oliver
Funky 3-piece knife set Set includes 15cm chef's knife, 11cm serrated knife and 85cm paring knife Durable non-stick coating, dishwasher safe Supplied in a Jamie Oliver gift box Exclusive design Stainless steel (Padprint)..
Brand: Jamie Oliver
Altus 3-piece wooden spoon set Set of 3 acacia wooden spoons - small, medium, and large Both functional and decorative with dipped ends in mint colour Ideal for stirring and mixing any ingredients from cake mix to risotto Acacia wood 0,15 (Digital sticker)..
Brand: Jamie Oliver
Altus 2-piece spatula set Set including a small and a large spatula that are great for mixing, scraping, flipping or serving Detachable heads for easy washing Beautiful acacia handle with dipped end Acacia wood 0,11 (Digital sticker)..
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