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Brand: Rubik's
Rubik's® mobile charging cable set A practical promotional gift with iconic Rubiks styling The mobile charging cable attaches to keychains to charge your smartphone on-the-go Features USB-A to Micro USB (data cable), Lightning adaptor and USB-C adaptor ABS Plastic (Digital rubiks)..
Brand: Rubik's
Rubik's® LED flashlight with key loop Rubik's® LED keychain light Rotate the blocks to turn the light on and off Supplied on a key loop with button cell battery included (Digital rubiks)..
Brand: Rubik's
Rubik's® Bluetooth® speaker Twist, play, listen A Rubik's® Bluetooth® speaker to get your brand in tune with customers Features a 400 mAh Li-Polymer battery which will keep your music playing for up to 3 hours With a 3W output the Bluetooth speaker® will be sure to fill out your office or room with ..
Brand: Rubik's
Rubik's® 2500 mAh power bank This power bank has Rubik's® style tiles for an eye-catching design Features a 2500 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, providing power to charge smartphones, MP3 players and many other devices It also features a keychain for easy carrying Includes a USB to Micro USB c..
Brand: Rubik's
Rubik's Cube® with branding on all sides The iconic promotional gift the original Rubiks Cube®! Branded to all six sides with your full-colour design Let an iconic brand represent your brand in style! Also available with metallic finish, please contact us for details (Digital rubiks)..
Brand: Rubik's
Rubik's Cube® keychain Bestselling and compact Rubik's Cube® on a keychain with metal split keyring Branding dimensions: 3,3 cm x 3,3 cm (Digital rubiks)..
Brand: Rubik's
Rubik's Cube® 2x2 Large Rubiks Cube® with four tiles on each side Offers a large branding area for easier positioning of your design (Digital rubiks)..
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